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CFS-12P-100H Batch Type Sputtering Equipment

CFS-12P-100H Batch Type Sputtering Equipment

Designed primarily for electronic components, can also be used as multi-purpose sputtering equipment.


  • Target utilization efficiency
    High utilization efficiency of 57% is achieved by a new rotary magnet. (17.5% improvement from our previous equipment (Cu))
  • Attachment efficiency
    Attachment efficiency of 51% is achieved by a 4-axis rotation jig optimized by simulation technology.
    High efficiency film forming of 29% is achieved by high target utilization efficiency and attachment efficiency.
    57% (target utilization efficiency) × 51% (attachment efficiency) = 29% (film forming efficiency)
  • Through-the-wall type
    Through-the-wall type with a vertical chamber, an improvement from the conventional flat type chamber
  • Layout design focuses on maintainability
    Maintenance can be performed from both the front and the back of the equipment. This allows other equipment to be positioned next to this equipment, making more effective use of the clean room.
  • Large area inverse sputtering function
    The substrate holder can contain four wafers within its 1000mm diameter. High frequency plasma control technology with such a large area, enables efficient impedance matching to the substrate.
Ultimate pressure 7×10-5 Pa or lower
Exhaust time Within 20min to 1×10-3 Pa
Outgas release 5×10-6 Pa m3 / s
Film thickness distribution Within ±5%
Film forming speed SiO2 : 3.2nm / min kW
Sputtering power source Max. two units
selectable from DC (3kW, 6kW) and/or RF (1kW, 3kW, 5kW)
Sputtering source 8-inch×1 unit or 3 units
Inverse sputtering Capable to RF 1kW
Lamp heating 200°C
Cooling N2 gas cooling
Jig Rotation jig for Φ400x4 substrates

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