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AI-12 Automatic Wafer Surface Inspection Equipment

AI-12 Automatic Wafer Surface Inspection Equipment

An essential requirement in macro examination of the two faces of wafers is the ability to discard data that is difficult to quantify and to deliver visual data that fully records and highlights the results of sensory testing. These results are a key to detecting defects that can lower yields and for complementing sensory tests during manufacturing of devices.
A further refinement, one indispensable for reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), is the functional ability to detect potential defects hidden in noise. AI-12 delivers a solution offering pre-eminent performance in defect detection and in identifying potential defect, allowing for their early eradication.


  • Applications
    Inspection of wafer surface and reverse side
    Automatic/manual inspection
    Comparative inspection before and after cleaning
  • Functional overview
    Defect classification
    Locating defect coordinates
  • Applicable to
    AI-12: Si bare or patterned wafer (Φ300mm)
    AI-8: Si bare or patterned wafer (Φ200mm)
  • Basic performance
    Pixel resolution: 0.3μm/pixels
    Inspection method: Automatic Inspection system by Image Intensifier
    Inspection areas: Surface, reverse side
    Data Sampling: High resolution image
    Throughput (reference value): AI-12: 25sheets/25minutes (surface automatic inspection)
  • Standard features
    POD Opener: x 1
    FOUP Stage: x 1
    Wafer reversal function
    GEM/SECS communication
    Visual inspection stage
  • Option
    Rough inspection & classification
    Wafer ID reader
    FOUP/FOSB ID reader
    FOSB stage
    Other product: AI-12PL (300mm) for dual FOUP type, AI-8 (200mm) for WT type

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