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EI-12 Automatic Wafer Edge Inspection Equipment

EI-12 Automatic Wafer Edge Inspection Equipment

We consider wafer edge examination to be a major contributor to higher yield rates.
In order to achieve a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), inspection functionality must go beyond detection of defects that simply lower yields to detect and identify signs of potential defects that are otherwise hidden by noise.
EI-12 provides a complete solution through pre-eminent performance that identifies defects while achieving early identification of potential defects.


  • Applications
    Wafer edge inspection
    Notch inspection
    Diameter measurement
    Automatic inspection
    Comparative inspection before and after cleaning
  • Functional overview
    Capture image of notch: 640 x 480 x 5 =1,536,000 pixel
      Capture complete image of notch
    Capture image of bevel: 1024 x 100,000 x 3 = 184,320,000 pixel
      Captures image of complete curve of the bevel
    Diameter measurement: (max., min., ave., elliptic ratio)
  • Applicable to
    EI-12: Si bare or patterned wafer (Φ300mm)
    EI-8: Si bare or patterned wafer (Φ200mm)
  • Basic Performance
    Pixel Resolution: 5μm/pixels
    Inspection Method: Automatic Inspection with Image Intensifier
    Inspection Part: Notch (upper, lower, front, right side, left side)
      Bevel (upper bevel, apex, lower bevel)
    Data Sampling: Captures high resolution image
    Throughput (reference value): EI-12: 25 sheets/25 minutes
  • Standard features
    POD Opener: x 1
    FOUP Stage: x 1
    Cassette change transfer
    GEM/SECS communication
  • Options
    Diameter Measurement (ellipse, diameter, max., min., ave.)
    Wafer ID reader
    FOUP/FOSBID reader
    Color classification
    Other product: EI-12PL (300mm) for dual FOUP type

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