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µASH 8100W Resist Ashing Equipment

µASH 8100W Resist Ashing Equipment

Strips photo resist used as the mask in forming circuits on a wafer in the semiconductor wafer process.


  • Low damage high productivity asher utilizing CDE technology
  • High efficiency plasma
  • Double process chamber
  • High-speed transfer system
  • Simple clean mechanism in vacuum chamber
Equipment specifications
Material Resist
Wafer size 8-inch (6-inch)
Methode Down stream ashing
Ashing chamber Two chambers
Discharge Microwave2.45GHz
1kW 2power supply
3kW 2power supply (option)
Transfer mechanism Mechanical transfer
Wafer temperature 250°C
Pressure control APC (conductance valve)
Vacuum pump Dry pump (two sets)

Process specifications
Gases O2, CF4 (Max.3gases/option)
Ashing rate 4.5 to 8µm/min
Uniformity ±5%
Metal contamination <1×10E11 atoms/cm2
Particles <20pcs (>0.2µm)
Throughput 160 wafers/h

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