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Microwave Heating Equipment

Microwave Heating Equipment

An integrated heating unit uses microwaves to heat and dry dielectric materials.
Industrial heating units that combine a heating furnace with a microwave generator (oscillator), waveguide and other equipment are available.
The batch type oven shown above is suitable for heating relatively large products. A conveyor type suitable for continuous transfer and waveguide type to heat thin, fine products are also available.
Support for various applications, such as a horn antenna type, ladder type, drier under reduced pressure, and combined microwave drier and hot air drier, is also available.


Oscillation output 4.5kW (variable from 0.1kW to max. output)
Oscillation frequency 2450±30MHz
Magnetron 2M164×3
Cooling system Forced air cooling
Oven dimensions 1450mm (W)×600mm (D)×500mm (H)

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