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Technical Topics

High-speed, high accuracy welding in a small footprint!

  • Flexible layout achieved by optical fiber transmission
  • Wide range of applications, from micro-spot welding to thick seam welding
  • Totally digitalized control secures high environmental tolerances
  • Single mirror scanning supports use of a high output laser (output of kW order)
  • Variety of hardware and software options (picture processing, data input environment, etc.)
  • Applications
    High-speed multi-spot welding for HDD gimbals, small size motors
    Seam welding of complex objects; for seal welding of metal cases of batteries and relays
    High accuracy positioning welding for micro-electronic components
    Deeply engraved marking for stamping

Item   Remark
YAG Laser
Max. average output 350W  
Pulse repetition number 1 to 500pps  
Pulse width 0.1 to 20msec Equipped with waveform control function
Working area Φ40mm Φ50mm specification (optional)
Beam scanning system Working beam spot diameter 300 to 600µm Depending on the core size of transmission fiber
Repetitive positioning accuracy ±10µm or less  
Max. beam moving speed 200mm/sec  

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